The guest of honor at Salon Verissimo was the still unknown singer Celino San Marco, who for the first time spoke openly about his humanity, his experience of undercover robbery and his story in front of the microphone of the wonderful Silvia Tofanin. Next in progress. Along with his love for his current partner. We are of course talking about the beautiful Loredana Rechizo…

In this last episode, in particular, the artist from Puglia explains why he and Lori are not married. The couple have two adorable children, Jasmine and Albano Jr. But it seems like the decision not to get married was made years ago, and to be honest, it remains the subject of constant rumors… But now he explains. Why is it on TV? I explained. Romina’s first wife is the same.

Albano, Loredana, Romina Solosi

Serino San Marco once again congratulated the singer. He now lives with ex-wife Romina Power and their daughter. (Yari knows that he is an introvert. That’s why he always continued to make music. Main is a fashionable butcher run by partner Pier Silvio Berlusconi, who talks deeply with the owner about his son Silvia Tofanin. The personal life of the singer. But the story ends with the name Loredan Rexo and despite the fact that he was together for a while , despite having children, never married because – it seems very obvious – two children.

He didn’t want any more divorce drama.

Albano convinced many fans because he had to prove again and again that everything is calm between him and his partner and that their relationship is harmonious and peaceful. Speak with your mouth full! He is not married because he broke up with his first wife. And now Romina Kush is a real world star. The singer said she doesn’t want any more divorce drama. “Will you marry me again?” One marriage is enough for life. “My marriage is good. But then I got divorced,” the man explained. willing to add “I don’t want to do it again. “I hate it. Thank god”.

He felt very sorry for Romine.

That is, on TV, the artist conveys very clear and very serious motives that are not understood by Rexo, who is still struggling with the past of her child’s father. Na Amnat’s divorce at the age of 78 was so shocking that many people are still talking about it. Meanwhile, Kalisi and his lover Loredana enjoy a moment of peace after years of ups and downs, breakups and reunions.

Romina Power spoke passionately about her ex-husband Soroshin in one script.

Comments on Romina’s official profile on Instagram, which gained great popularity in early April, were inevitable. The woman also revealed how she used herself in an unhappy relationship with her ex-husband. And their love story is often ignored like meat soap. “There is a disease. You want it – so be it, but social networks did not change my life. “I hear nonsense every day,” commented the singer.

Al Bano reports the disappearance of a young woman today.

Yulenia Kalisi was last seen on January 6, 1994 at a hotel in New Orleans. According to the hotel owner, the woman left around noon and did not return.

She is a special woman.

Educated at King’s College London, he speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. He went with us to America to shoot the documentary “America Lost”. I moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans. I had a fateful meeting. with homeless street artists

I remember one black man when the Company went to the cinema, it was called Massachusetts, but I knew something was wrong and went with Urania. Suddenly he started running away. I stood behind him and shouted, “Stop, this man is going to hurt me.” That person was me. “It’s a drug problem,” I shouted. He lost me. I met him at eight o’clock. He told his mother that he had risked his life in the waters of the Mississippi River.

Yalenia said that she had decided to write a book and was going to visit Belize, where homeless people live: “I said, ‘Okay, but I have to finish my studies, as soon as possible…'” Living in a tent and escaping the persecution of her husband and children, she returned to New Orleans,” says Agee.

I explained to Banu.

A witness

“I played for hours that night. He called witnesses. I found Maskera in prison. But he pleaded not guilty. I was last seen by the port master,” I asked the officer. He stood on the bank of the river. He warned her: “But Yarinya did not want to go, the inspectors said that I was in the water. So I swam like a butterfly and jumped into the river, but the Mississippi didn’t give up. Romina couldn’t believe it. But it was meant to be.

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