You can build your fantasy Cookie Kingdom and recover it from the evil that lurks in the dark in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a new game from the creators of Cookie Run: OvenBreak! Build a delectable kingdom while fighting off evil dessert creatures!

Join forces with GingerBrave and Cookie pals, both new and old. Discover the narrative of the Kingdom’s past and vanquish the darkness that lies between you and your Kingdom in this lovely fantasy adventure RPG.

Rebuild overgrown ruins and personalize your Kingdom with one-of-a-kind decorations and intriguing structures. Collaborate with your Cookie pals to gather resources for your Kingdom and create amazing gadgets and delectable goodies!

Fight in RPG-style epic battles. Unlock new fight levels and learn about the Cookie universe’s secrets. In PVP mode, you can fight the Cake Monsters or other Cookies. Use each Cookie’s unique abilities to unleash the ultimate balance of strength!”

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Gameplay

The goal of the game is to wage battles and expand your kingdom. Growing your kingdom is critical because it is where your Cookies hang out and is what you will use to create more resources and enhance the region. To build new resources, you’ll also need to assign Cookies to specific roles. Furthermore, developing your kingdom unlocks new activities, so make sure to keep it up to date. This game has a lot of content to unlock!

In terms of battle, you must form your own fighting group and upgrade them as much as possible. There are several auto features that some players dislike, but they are useful for some who aren’t very strong at strategic play. However, I believe it detracts from the fun.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Graphics, Music & Sounds, and Controls


Cookie Run: Kingdom contains a lot of cut scenes, which makes it visually appealing and adds a lot of weight to the story. I was pleased with how everything turned out and thought the Cookie characters were beautiful!

Music & Sounds

The audio works well with the gameplay; nonetheless, I found it to be somewhat overbearing, loud, and repetitive. It’s not for me, but I can see why others enjoy it.


There are attack buttons at the bottom of the screen that you must learn to strategically push in order to eliminate enemies that get in your path. It’s a straightforward system with few difficulties.

Kingdom Pass

For £4.99, activate the kingdom pass to get access to exclusive landmarks and rewards.

Monthly Deals

  • For Basic: 100 Crystals daily for 30 days – £4.99
  • For Premium: 300 Crystals daily for 30 days – £14.99


£19.99 – Pastry Cookie’s Clandestine Rendezvous Package

  • £26.99 – 12,000 Crystals
  • £19.99 – Sugar Gnome’s Hut Package
  • £2.99 – Adventurer’s Stamina Jelly Package
  • £3.99 – Gladiator’s Arena Ticket Package
  • £4.99 – Architect’s Dream Package
  • £42.99 – Ultimate Goods Package


£6.99 – Starter Package

£9.99 – Cookie Upgrade

£4.99 – Sweet Package

£9.99 – Topping Upgrade Package

Skill Powders

  • £12.99 – All-in-one Skill Powders
  • £20.49 – Charge
  • £20.49 – Defense
  • £20.49 – Magic
  • £20.49 – Ambush
  • £20.49 – Healing
  • £20.49 – Ranged
  • £20.49 – Bomber
  • £20.49 – Support

Crystals & Coins

  • £0.99 – 100 crystals
  • £4.99 – 500 crystals
  • £9.99 – 1000 crystals
  • £26.99 – 3250 crystals
  • £43.99 – 5400 crystals
  • £9.99 – 12400 crystals
  • 10000 coins – 400 crystals
  • 30000 coins – 1200 crystals
  • 50000 coins – 2000 crystals
  • 100000 coins – 4000 crystals

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The Verdict

In conclusion, “Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a fun and addictive APK game that combines elements of RPG and base-building genres, with a unique cookie-themed twist. The game features colorful graphics, a diverse cast of cookie characters, and engaging gameplay mechanics that keep players entertained for hours. 

While the game has some minor flaws, such as repetitive gameplay and reliance on microtransactions, it remains a solid mobile game that is worth checking out for fans of the genre. Overall, “Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a great addition to the popular “Cookie Run” franchise, and it’s definitely worth giving it a try if you’re looking for a fun and engaging mobile game.

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