Creta Class designs courses & lessons for kids to teach major mathematical concepts. The platform got the title ‘Best Educational App for Kids of the Year’ for online classes for kids to upskill throughout their learning process. Here, kids will learn major math topics to improve their skills, such as problem-solving, arithmetic, data analysis, logical reasoning, critical thinking, confidence, and thinking skills.

Multiplication counts as one of the complex topics under the mathematical curriculum. Some kids find it difficult to understand the different categories of multiplication sums.

In order to improve conceptual understanding, Creta Class makes the best use of multiple features to upgrade teaching with online classes for kids.

Effective Ways to Learn Multiplication

Teaching has been too dynamic; there is no single way of explaining mathematical concepts. Most educators like Creta Class use multiple ways to explain the concept of multiplication sums for kids.

Start With Basics

While teaching multiplication concepts to kids, most educators start with complex topics that don’t work. Parents or mentors should emphasize basics like addition & subtraction, counting numbers, and table memorization. It helps in building a solid foundation to grasp lessons more quickly.

The simplest way to teach multiplication sums to kids is to start by explaining additions. It helps to get the whole crux of understanding so that kids don’t memorize the sums directly. For instance, simple multiplication sums are mere addition of the same number.

Multiple of Zero

Another simple thing in multiplication for kidsis to discover the magic effect of zero. The conceptual understanding of why 5+0 remains at 5 but 5*0 will be 0 might confuse kids. So, platforms like Creta Class develop crisp lessons where the concept is explained using words & illustrations. It acts as a better way to teach multiplication sum to kids using a better approach than traditional modes of teaching.

Math Puzzles & Games

Games usually act as a great way to add more fun elements to math learning. Creta Class adds fun games to the curriculum that help kids enjoy them and teach major mathematical concepts. Creta Class tries something new & creative instead of boring lectures, which increases kids’ interest in learning more.

Puzzles & riddles are also new approaches to teaching math to kids with better engagement.


Practicing develops knowledge and brings more clarity about major topics. Creta Class provides multiple worksheets based on multiplication concepts, along with online classes. Kids can test their skills by solving these exercises at their own pace. The best way to deal with mathematical problems is to solve maximum problems. Kids can use worksheets to develop the habit of more practice.

Interesting Word Problem

Creta Class believes in stage learning once the kids get comfortable with numbers. They upgrade their lessons by adding more word problems; it gives a major twist to the questions. Multiplication sum becomes more presentable with stories like – a drum has a capacity of 60 liters of milk. How much milk can be collected in 7 drums of such capacity? Such types of word problems trigger kids’ minds to think logically about the solutions.

Short Crisp Lessons

Creta Class has developed 15-minute crisp lessons daily to teach important math topics. Kids can watch these short animated videos anytime and anywhere. It helps kids to get the whole essence of mathematical concepts in just a few minutes. Interactive AI-based content makes it possible to innovate learning modes for kids. With a dropping attention span, Kids can be taught math lessons effectively with short videos. Animation makes it more visually appealing and attracts kids to keep engaged with learning for a long duration.

Visual Presentation

Creta Class promotes e-learning for kids through attractive slides & visual presentation, making learning more interactive than in regular classes. Crisp lessons are created by the best professional teachers with their teaching experiences and knowledge about techniques to deliver quality education.

Creta Class has a structured curriculum with interactive graphics and animated videos. Online classes attract kids more than the ordinary setup, where they make a note of essential formulas and solve problems. Creta Class makes its curriculum appealing with visual presentations created by the best-experienced teachers to help your kids to grasp topics quickly.

Final Words

Solving math problems can be made easier by using the best strategy. Interesting fun games & learning math concepts can be combined together at the same time. Also, Creta Class App won the title of Best Learning App for Kids of the Year by International Education Awards. The platform creates amazing short lessons with AI-based content that covers essential topics, such as measurement & data, problem-solving, numbers & operations, logic & patterns, geometry, and attention & memory.

Creta Class offers a range of advantages and added features like animated videos, AI-based content, visual presentation, Math Talk, and real-time feedback report. It establishes a new standard of e-learning with the best online classes for kids.

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