Travelling through Iraq, the origin of civilization, is an experience unlike any other. This Middle Eastern treasure is a fascinating trip for adventurous tourists with its rich historical and cultural legacy, magnificent landscapes, and friendly hospitality. We’ll give you a virtual tour of an exciting 15-day time around Iraq in this blog, showcasing the best of the country. Put your seatbelts on and get ready for an incredible journey through Mesopotamia.

Arrival in Baghdad and discover Ancient Mesopotamia

The energetic capital city of Baghdad, where the past and current coexist peacefully, serves as the starting point of your Iraq 8 days tour. Explore the crowded markets on the first day, including Al-Mutanabbi Street, renowned for its cultural history and books.

Discover the wisdom that once blossomed behind the walls of the renowned Al-Mustansiriya School. On day two, visit the historical city of Babylon to behold the magnificent ruins of the Ishtar Gate and the fabled Hanging Gardens.

 Visit the National Museum, which has an incredible collection of artifacts dating back thousands of years, to cap off your visit to Baghdad.

Serenity in Southern Iraq

Visit Najaf in the south, one of Shia Islam’s holy cities. Visit the majestic Imam Ali Shrine to take in the famous location’s meditative aura.

 Continue your journey to Karbala, another famous holy site, and visit the shrine with a golden dome dedicated to Imam Husayn. Attend prayers and interact with the inhabitants, who epitomize hospitality, to fully immerse oneself in these cities’ religious and cultural traditions.

Marvels of Northern Iraq

Fly to the diverse city of Erbil in the north, where the historic Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located. Spend time getting lost in the city’s winding streets and bustling bazaars. Visit the magnificent Rawanduz Canyon while excursing to the Zagros Mountains’ breathtakingly spectacular scenery. Continue exploring the historic town of Dohuk, famous for its historical sites, including the Lalish Temple, an important gathering place for the Yazidi population. It wraps up your Iraq 8 days tour.

Mesmerizing Kurdistan

Continue your journey into independent Kurdistan to visit the fascinating city of Sulaymaniyah. Discover the region’s turbulent history by visiting the Amna Suraka Museum, popularly known as the Red Prison. Learn about the lengthy history of the area while exploring the neighboring historic remains of the Kurdish capital, Arbil. Take the chance to try the excellent Kurdish food, renowned for its wide range of flavors and culinary customs.

Unveiling the Treasures of Mosul and Nineveh

Visit Mosul, a former hub of commerce and education currently emerging from war ruins. Visit the old neighborhoods and see the Great Mosque of al-Nuri with its recognizable slanting minaret. The Mosul Museum is a must-see because it has a sizable collection of prehistoric objects from the area.

Day 15: Departure:

Eat breakfast, gather your belongings, and get ready to return home. Transfer to the airport at a time determined by the local guide and convenient for your flight. YourIraq 15-day tour has come to an end.

An Iraq 15-day tour promises a life-changing adventure with a distinctive fusion of history, culture, and scenic beauty. Iraq emerges as a destination that embraces both its past and a hopeful future, from the busy streets of Baghdad to the spiritual hubs of Najaf and Karbala, the breathtaking landscapes of the north, and the tenacity of Mosul.

The experience will make a lasting impression on your soul and be a constant reminder of the profound influence that history and heritage may have on our lives.

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