As we know that very little amount of clean water is available for drinking. If we will keep wasting it then in the near future our new generation will face a shortage of clean water. We need to reduce the waste of water. Non-revenue water(NRW) has indicated a huge problem for the global water industry. In many governments or private water distribution systems, a large quantity of water goes to waste due to the high pressure and the lack of proper pressure management. In controlling and managing the flow and pressure of the water, a high pressure controller plays a key role. 

These are the devices that consist of a pressure transmitter, PID controller and a valve. The pressure transmitter provides the signal to the PID controller and further, this controller actuates the valve to achieve the set value of the pressure. 

Reduce the Waste of Water:

Pressure management is crucial in a water distribution system to reduce the consumption of water. If the pressure will remain high then it will consume more water and this high pressure can be dangerous for the pipelines, and systems. To keep the system, and pipeline safe it’s vital to use an adequate pressure management system that has the ability to control and manage the pressure as per the need of the user. In this regard, digital pressure controller are very helpful. These are the devices that have the ability to control the high pressure and reduce it to a low level that is required to maintain. However, they remove unnecessary and excessive pressure and maintain a constant state of pressure. 

Keeps the System Safe:

A water distribution system has to bear high pressure coming from the main source. This high pressure can damage the pipelines and the internal components of the distribution systems. These systems and the pipelines get older with the passage of time and bear a lot of strain. There are several factors that affect the performance and can become the reason for a break down like as corrosion, age, high pressure and high temperature. 

A pressure controller helps to keep the system safe and to have optimal performance. That’s why it’s necessary to use proportional flow control in the water distribution systems for the safe distribution of water. 

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Saves Money:

Pressure Management in a water distribution system helps to save money by reducing the consumption of water and the system repair. When the system does not have to deal with high pressure, then the chances of a breakdown go down and the system requires fewer repairs than usual. In this way, it decreases utility bills, reduces the waste and cut down the repairing cost. Meanwhile, an electronic pressure control lets the users save a lot of money and water. 

Final Words:

A pressure controller is a basic need of water distribution systems as we have discussed above. It has a great positive effect on the pressure and the performance of the systems. 

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