Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Service (ATS) has searched in Mundra Bandar in Kutch district for the past two days. It comes less than a week after border guards reportedly arrested four Pakistani fishermen and seized 10 fishing boats in Indian waters off Gujarat.

According to the ATS, large quantities of drugs were seized in containers at the port of Mundra. The exact number and type of drugs were not disclosed, but the ATS said the drugs seized are worth millions of dollars on the market.

The drug seizure in Mundra Bandar is a major development in the region’s fight against drug trafficking. This port is one of the largest and busiest in India. and most importantly As an international trading hub, ATS has stepped up its fight against illegal drug trafficking in Gujarat. And this arrest is a big victory for the organization.

Drugs, mainly heroin, were confiscated by Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Service (ATS) at Mundra Bandar, an ATS spokesman, said the goods were imported from the Middle East. And the exact dosage and price of the drug has not yet been determined. We have already done this and are working on the specifics we find about the characters.

Drug confiscation is a staple of the region’s anti-drug campaign. It is one of the busiest ports in India and ATS is stepping up its efforts to tackle drug addiction in Gujarat. Ukraine’s security services are investigating the source and destination of the drugs. also involved in smuggling

Gujarat ATS coordinates closely with other agencies. He urged people to report such actions to curb drug trafficking and other crimes in the state.

The drug seizures in Mundra Bandar highlight the need for vigilance and rigorous measures to curb drug smuggling in India. We must continue to work together to investigate and combat drug trafficking. To protect Indian citizens and protect national security

India’s largest drug seizure occurred in Gujarat’s Mundra Bandar in September 2021. The Revenue and Information Department seized 3,000 kg of drugs worth Rs 21,000 crore in a smuggling operation. The country’s biggest drug lord and transferring the case to the National Bureau of Investigation (NIA) to investigate terrorism financing.

In February this year A joint operation between the DEA and the Indian Navy seized 2 billion rupees worth 750 kg from a ship off the coast of Gujarat. The arrests have highlighted the extent of the drug trafficking problem in the area. And it is necessary to increase caution and strict measures to control such activities.

In addition to drugs Gujarat State Police and other agencies During 2019-2021, 437 kilograms of alcohol worth 217 crowns were seized and 73 people arrested. These measures are necessary to maintain law and order in the state. illegal activities

Drug and liquor seizures demonstrate the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in curbing illegal activities in Gujarat. But additional measures should be taken to prevent such incidents. for national security and protection of the people Governments must monitor and work closely to detect and prevent drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Joint operation of the Indian Coast Guard and Gujarat Special Forces. Nine Pakistanis arrested smuggling heroin worth 280 million rupees into India The operation took place in the first week of June. The Pakistani ship Al Haji was intercepted off the coast of Yako Kutch, about 14 nautical miles from India’s international maritime border.

The boat was carrying 56kg of heroin and was taken to the port of Yakku in the Kutch district for further investigation. The seizure of heroin is a milestone in the fight against drug trafficking in the region. The ROI investigates the sources and destinations of drugs and those involved in human trafficking.


The successful work of the Indian Coast Guard and Gujarat ATS demonstrates the importance of interagency cooperation in combating illegal activities. These agencies should come together to identify and stop drug trafficking so as to protect the citizens of India and ensure national security. In the first place, the authorities must be alert and act quickly to prevent such acts.


What is ATS Gujarat?

Gujarat ATS is the anti-terrorism unit of Gujarat Police. Established in Gujarat, India responsible for combating terrorism and other criminal activities

What happened in the port of Mundra?

Gujarat ATS has seized drugs worth Rs 350 crore from Mundrabandar in Kutch district of Gujarat.

When did you take it?

The arrest took place in April 2023. An exact arrest date has not yet been determined.

How was the ATS invented?

The ATS receives specific information about the product container. and examined in the harbor of Mundra for such cases.

How important is acne?

The seizure of drugs worth up to Rs 350 crore is a major breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking in Gujarat. The port is a major hub for international trade. The arrests also highlighted the need for stricter measures to increase surveillance to curb drug trafficking in the region.

What is ATS doing to investigate this issue?

The ATS investigates the origin and destination of chemicals. There are also those involved in smuggling

Were there any arrests related to the arrests?

No arrests have been made so far, but the investigation is ongoing.

Any explanation from the authorities about the arrest?

The ATS confirmed the seizure of drugs and more details of the incident will be available in the coming days.

Is drug trafficking a problem in Gujarat?

Drug trafficking is a major problem in Gujarat and the ATS is intensifying efforts to tackle drug trafficking in the state.

What can be done to curb drug trafficking in Gujarat?

We need to strictly control drug trafficking and take strong measures to stop such activities First we need to work together to safeguard the security of our country and our people.


The recent drug seizures The deployment of Rs 350 crore by Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) at Mundra Bandar in Kutch district is a major step in curbing drug trade in the region. The port is one of the largest and busiest ports in India. Arrests are a major focus of international trafficking. It highlights the need for strict surveillance and strict measures to curb drug smuggling in Gujarat.

After receiving specific information about the container containing drugs, ATS raided Mundra Port, ATS found the origin and destination of several pounds of drugs in the international market and who was involved in the smuggling operation?

Drug trafficking is a major problem in Gujarat and the ATS is stepping up efforts to curb drug smuggling in the state, seizing 437 kg of liquor worth Rs 2,100 crore and arresting 73 people.

They need to be vigilant and rigorous in tackling drug trafficking. In the first place, the authorities must be alert and act quickly to prevent such acts.

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