While there are so many types of engagement rings, nothing beats the timeless appeal of diamonds rings. Even if it is encrusted with the tiniest diamonds, the ring must have this precious stone for a very special reason. Earlier, it was a symbol of status and ownership but today, the hardest element of earth is the symbol of everlasting love and commitment. In other words- the diamond engagement ring symbolizes an unbreakable bond.
While solitaires are classic choices, the designs have evolved over the years and today there are plethora of engagement ring designs with diamonds. One such option is the trilogy engagement ring which is also known as trinity. Here’s a few ideas and tips to find the stunning trilogy diamond ring designs for your engagement.

Why choose a trilogy diamond ring?

The simplest reason is it has an extra edge over the classic solitaires. While most people go for different types of the solitaire, a trilogy diamond ring stands out in the crowd. Moreover, it has many symbolisms associated with it. You can even add your own interpretation of the design. The three stone designs can be the embodiment of your story together with your loved one.
Another reason to choose the ring is its dominant presence without looking over the top. The design is versatile enough to be a minimal embellishment and can even be worthy of royalty. But irrespective of the extravagance of the design, trilogy diamond rings never surpass the wearer but enhances their beauty.

Types of trilogy diamond ring

There are primarily two types of trilogy diamond rings. In one design, all the three diamonds are of the same shape and size placed beside each other. In the second design, the middle diamond is larger and flanked by two smaller diamonds on both sides. There are further variations of these basic designs in terms of shape, colour and cut of the diamond.

Choosing the right trilogy diamond ring

Choosing the engagement ring is a matter of much deliberation. If you are decided on trilogy ring as the basic design, here are few tips to select the right one ideal for you:

  • Consider the size of the diamonds. Bigger and more expensive does not necessarily mean beautiful. Choose a ring with proportionate diamond size that does not look too big or small for your hand.
  • Decide on all-diamond trilogy ring or combination of different stones. There are many designs which particularly look good when diamonds are combined with other coloured precious stones.
  • Other accessories and jewellery that you wear daily must get considered as well. The ring must complement them and not stand out as the odd one out.
  • Lastly, take account of your budget when you shop for the diamond ring. It is best to look through designed that fit within your budget. Avoid checking rings too much over-budget and getting fixated on such a design.

Trendy trilogy diamond ring design ideas

Here are some trilogy diamond ring design ideas that you can consider while you go shopping:

  • Square or rectangle-cut diamonds of the same size have a very neat and minimalist look.
  • Designs where middle stone is a coloured precious stone flanked by diamonds is also trending.
  • Trilogy diamond ring with differently shaped diamonds are also popular demands for engagement.
  • You can also go for the timeless classic designs which are also the basic designs for trilogy diamond rings.

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